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"So why am I doing this?" 🙇‍♀️

That's a question I asked myself before signing up for the Spartan Beast 2023 race in Atlanta.

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The moment I duck under the first (of many) barbed wire, I’m feeling strong 💪, confident 💪, and ready 💪to take on a beast of a challenge. My heart ♥️ is pounding, but I have a feeling of excitement—almost like a flirtatious energy radiating from me.

🎬 As I stand on this starting line with so many other athletes, I can feel the spirit of competition in the air. And I'm thrilled! It's time again to put my fitness to the test and do something extraordinary.

With that, I take off into a world of mud and mountains, pushing my body further than ever before. The 21 km race turned out to be closer to 24 km, and the 30 obstacles turned out to be 36 obstacles!

About 3 hours and 50 minutes later, as I approach the finish line 🏁, I'm just so proud of myself for making it this far. Cheers 🎉📣 erupted from the crowd around me, and at that moment, I realized why I chose to do the race in the first place.


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I remembered the very first obstacle race I did...

... where I FAILED most of the obstacles. I felt MISERABLE, not because I couldn’t complete all the obstacles, but because I was already a gym-goer, training regularly, yet I had no strength...clearly 😔😖

Running on anything but a treadmill seemed tough; holding on to the monkey bar even for a few seconds seemed nearly impossible..that was disappointing, but a life-changing experience!

That’s when I said 🤬IT to dieting and trying to look lean with round glutes and defined abs…I wanted to be stronger mentally and physically.

From that point, I never trained and thought the same way again. This is what I learnt ⬇️

✅ Having multiple goals is OK

I don’t believe that you have to choose between health, strength, aesthetics and performance. You can have it ALL.

✅ I don’t only want to look good, I want to FEEL AMAZING

Walk with confidence, be able to go for a friendly race without 2 month notice

✅ I want to say YESSSS!

Yess, to go to the beach without making excuses like “later when I have more time” which actually meant “when I lost 5 pounds”

This was my inspiration behind the Strength, Performance & Aesthetics training “SPA” that became my signature program.

By the end of SPA, you’ll be all-around fit. You’ll be stronger, jumping higher, running faster, looking more athletic, and feel more confident. This program is a strong foundation on which you can build a healthier, happier life. 💛

You can download it for FREE from the App stores.


Yeahhh… a Spartan Beast race is challenging and unrelenting, but so as life

Overcoming these challenges makes you feel ALIVE.

Every step you take brings you closer to something meaningful, and when you reach the end, you realize that you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible. That's what makes it worth it.

So if you're considering one of these races, don't hesitate!

The challenge will push you beyond your limits and make you a stronger person in ways you never imagined. So get out there and give it a shot! You won't regret it.


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