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Full body workouts are great for building muscle, increasing strength and power, conditioning, and they can really speed up your fat loss.

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Full body workout is also a more natural form of training. Just think of your daily activities, how many times you are using your triceps, but not other muscles? Or look at running. Running requires your legs, core, and entire upper body to work together. If you are torn between body-splits and full body workout, you should consider the following:

Time spent

Busy professionals out there! Full body workouts are time-savers! You can achieve decent results by 2-3 full body workouts per week. I know, it might take a bit longer the actual workout, as opposed to if you would do body-splits and focus one muscle group at a time, but overall, you will be spending less time working out.

Calories burnt

Full body workout is far more demanding on your body, because you are working more muscles. The more (and larger) muscles you work, the more energy your body will burn. This makes it excellent for fat loss if this is one of your goals.


Doing more in less time will increase your work capacity. As you progress, you will be able to perform more quality reps and also become more efficient to recover from workouts.

Muscle growth

Usually, split workouts are favored for building muscle, because you can completely exhaust a single muscle group. However, the recovery will take longer too, so it’s likely that in a week you won’t be able to train one muscle group multiple times. With full body workout you can train your muscles more frequently that will help you increase muscle size.


If you are like me, and get bored super fast, then you should definitely try a workout program that uniquely integrates full body workout into the training plan. Doing the same exercises over and over again can become boring, hence you will quickly lose motivation. On the other hand, to work your entire body, you have to perform a variety of exercises. This will keep you engaged and make your workout fun and enjoyable. Trust me!

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