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Go from stuck at this weight plateau you’ve been at for years to feeling proud and fierce in your body, FREE from insecurities, while having a blast doing it!


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Lose weight/end dieting

8 week private coaching for women who've been trying to lose weight and get leaner but have been stuck in the diet cycle for years and haven’t been able to maintain their results in the long term and want to put an end to the vicious cycle for good.

Please click below to schedule a free goal assessment call to see if we're a great fit to work together.


8 week private coaching for those who want to gain strength, build a defined body, eat healthier, and reenergize their body and mind. If your main goal is not weight loss but getting stronger and overall healthier, this is the right option for you.

Please click below to schedule a free goal assessment call to see if we're a great fit to work together.


90-minute intensive session to define your goals and create a strategic plan to achieve those goals. After the session, you’ll receive an 8 week customized nutrition and workout plan.

Please click below to schedule your strategy session (no prior goal assessment is needed). These slots are filling crazy fast.

Everything you’ve wanted for years for yourself—relief from the dieting cycle and your defined, completely reenergized, fit body—is waiting for you inside the Body Breakthrough Blueprint NOW!


The Body Breakthrough Blueprint is an EIGHT WEEK and THREE pillar PRIVATE coaching program. This program was designed with effectiveness in mind, as I know you want to be popping hot and sexy NOW and enjoy your social life, being with family and friends.

I’m HUGE on efficiency..I was given the nickname "Krisztina, the efficient" (no joke 😀)…and this is exactly how I conduct the program. In our weekly live sessions, I set you up for an easy, simple, successful week and hold you accountable to your goals. I teach you step-by-step what you need to fuel your body in simple terms without jargon or an overload of information.

Along with the exclusive one-on-one time with me, you get done-for-YOU workout program (specially created for your unique self) that is easily accessible in my app; weekly meals with incredibly simple and yummy recipes, PLUS my transformative "Habits of Highly Successful Women" program (these alone are PURE GOLD)!

The reason you’ve been stuck at this weight is not because you lack the willpower to stay consistent, you’re not trying hard enough, or you don’t have the time. It’s because you haven’t learned how to instill habits that align with your goals.

Without learning how to transform self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors, you won’t have the firm and defined body you always wanted, you will be trapped in the dieting cycle, constantly starting and failing, which is sucking up your time and energy. This isn’t how you want spend your time and energy, right?!

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You tried to break out of your plateau wether it's losing fat or building strength, but nothing worked no matter what you did​

You've been dieting on-and-off for years and had too many "Day 1"

You are fed up with the calorie counting methods that are simply not sustainable in the long run

You can't stay consistent which screws up all your efforts

You feel let down by body transformation programs that sold you your “dream body” but fell short of maintainable results

You not only want to look good, you also want to FEEL good, get stronger, be healthier, and be more energetic

Together, I will take you from being overwhelmed and stressed to trusting yourself to make great decisions that support your goal to look and feel amazing. 

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You will be no longer left trying to figure it all out on your own!

what you get:

I show you practical, actionable steps you can take to achieve a balance of having fun, enjoying life, and constantly evolving, making progress towards your desired body

I will teach you the skill set you need to maintain your fat loss and strength gain results and continue shaping your body beyond the end of this program

I will help you free yourself from the 'all-or-nothing’ mentality

You will walk away from this program with unshakable confidence in yourself and the ability to adapt to the unavoidable changes that life throws at us. You will no longer be thrown off track by obstacles

You will have the freedom to eat the foods you love without sabotaging your results or feeling guilt

When you complete this program, you will find that you have more time and energy to spend with your family or on your side hobby because you won’t be bugged down by an unmanageable workout regime and constant thoughts about your diet

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You are searching for extreme, restrictive diets promising quick results for which you’re willing to risk your health and well-being

You are after a free or low-cost crowd challenge where you follow the same ‘sample’ meal plan and workouts that are prescribed for another 200 people who are totally different from you

You still think that you are better off trying to figure it all out alone and not open for guidance from an expert coach

This is for you if you know you want to be at peace, loving yourself, loving every inch of your body, and desire a defined, strong, and sexy body.


Years ago, I felt like I was in limbo. I was desperate to shed some fat, to "get in shape," and it just wasn’t happening. Because of all the calorie counting and restrictive dieting I put myself through, I became hyper-focused on foods that made things worse. I was constantly starting new diets, but I always ended up making excuses—I have no time, I'm too tired, I have to work ....and ultimately giving up before I had the chance to change.

It was draining! Sucking up my mental and physical energy, I was mostly in a bad mood and negative frame of mind.

The shift happened after I went for a fun muddy obstacle race, where I totally failed every obstacle.. I was beating myself up. Why am I so weak and cannot get through simple obstacles? I’ve been training and dieting for so long! Being confronted with all of my failures made me feel awwwwful about myself.


I stopped all workouts, calorie counting, restrictive dieting, and comparing myself to popular social media figures. After a week of not going near the gym, not even by mistake, I learned that I did not fail; the diets failed me. Diets are simply not sustainable because they’re restrictive and limiting.

That’s when my famous plant-forward formula was born! I ditched regular workout plans for more functional, real-life stuff that was wayyy more fun AND I QUIT DIETING for good (that was the hardest.. my brain was hard-wired at this point to diet). I started to eat to fuel my new workout style.


What a relief and joy! Seriously, it was liberating. It’s crazy what happens when you “detox” your mind.. ahh almost forgot to mention something…I never LOOKED and felt BETTER in my life.

I’m going to show you my exact formula that has already helped so many women break out of the diet cycle and the emotional roller coaster that comes with it. I wasted too many years trying to figure things out, just to end up in a worse place than when I started. I don’t want you to waste your best years in this spiral. I want you to feel your very best, confident, energized and to be in the best shape and health you can possibly be so you can grow as a person, as a mother, as a sister - without limitations!

Bottom line is, if you don’t accept expert help, you’ll be stuck with frustration.

ARE YOU READY TO FINALLY ACCEPT THE GUIDANCE THAT WILL give you peace of mind and freedom?

My coaching spots fill up very quickly as the number of clients I accept is extremely limited. So, if you know in your gut that you area ready for guidance to achieve the body you wanted for so long, please schedule the call now.


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